How to Report a Player and Appeal Bans

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How to Report a Player and Appeal Bans

Post by Sexual Rhinoceros on Fri Jan 31, 2014 6:24 am

Whether on the private or public server, our staff is extremely vigilant at catching people breaking the rules, however sometimes we may miss something and rely on you, the community, to post about it here.

Please post under this format to report someone :
Report Reason:
Date This Occurred:
Proof of Occurrence(Optional):

In order for action to be correctly taken, we need definitive proof that something happened. Posting a  screenshot of the act taking place or the chat logs which can be taken from CommandStar, WILL help us to make a quick decision!

Please post under this format to appeal a ban :
Banned Reason:
Date of Ban:
Proof of Innocence(Optional):

If you found yourself banned, you have the option to appeal it, under which a higher up staff member will review everything and decide if the ban should be undone. When posting an appeal, anything to prove you didn't do it WILL help you as it helps us!
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